Q&A of Dental Curing Light

March 08, 2023
Q&A of Dental Curing Light - azdentall.com
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1. Curing Light doesn't work or light up after using for a period of time.

Generally, there is a problem with the lamp bead, or it is a circuit problem. You can disassemble and check the circuit.
If it is a problem with the connection of the circuit, we'll reissue the circuit board. If not, we'll reissue the handle.

2. The Optical Fiber of my curing light is damaged or broken.

This may be caused by improper operation, we can reship a replacement if you accept tp pay shipping fee.

3. Curing Light I LED can not be charged.

It may be the contact problem between the charging base and the probe at the bottom of the light curing. You can wipe the bottom of the handle and the contact part of the charging base with alcohol, or open it to check whether there is a problem with the battery connection, and then try again.

4. It cannot be charged, the handle does not respond when it is placed on the base, the light on the display screen is off, and it cannot be turned on.

The charging chip inside the handle is burned out, and the charging chip needs to be replaced.

5. The button is not sensitive, and it will light up after pressing several times, but the light curing machine can normally light up.

The button inside the handle is sunken due to long-term pressing, please uncover the display screen, and use a tissue to raise the button inside.

6. Curing  Light I LED is charged on the charging base, it can only last for a few seconds or a few minutes, and it will not light up.

It may be a system error, the problem lies in the handle, please contact us for a replacement handle.

7. The light cannot be detected. 

You may use a dental caries detection lamp head, which cannot detect light.

8. Curing light cannot be turned on. 

The main board is broken. Contact us for a main board replacement.

9. The light intensity of curing light can not reach so high as description.

The light intensity measured by different light meters will be different.
The light intensity is measured according to the light meter of the Woodpecker, which is generally recognized.

Notice: Please be sure to be full charged before testing light intensity.
Please also inform us which brand light meter do you test. If convenient, please provide a video of your testing.
We're here to process with your problem.

10. I brough a Curing Light LED, but one of the 4 LED lights does not light up.

This model of light curing has 4 lamp beads, one of which is a broad-spectrum purple light. It is normal for the naked eye to not light up, and it is not a problem with the light curing lamp beads.

* Adding purple light is to increase the wavelength of light curing, so that it can cover more complete range, and can cure more kinds of resins, adhesives and other curing materials.

11. The curing light LED cannot switch modes, and there is no response when pressing the M key for a long time, it only stays on the full model.

You can try to remove the battery first, keep completely power off, then install the battery and restart the machine to see if it can be used normally. If not, it is a problem with the main board.
After confirming where there is a problem, contact us for a main board replacement.

12. When the power button is pressed, curing light will flicker, and cannot be turned on normally, and the words "er" will appear on the screen.

Please unplug the lamp head, and then press the power button to see if the light is on normally. If the light does not turn on normally, it means that the problem is with the handle, and the handle needs to be replaced. If the light is on normally, it means that the circuit inside the lamp head is broken, and the lamp head needs to be replaced.

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