Q&A of Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

March 21, 2023
Q&A of Dental Ultrasonic Scalers - azdentall.com
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1. Is there a warranty period for your scalers?

Our scalers all have one year warranty. If more than 1 year, pls contact us, we will help you to process with your any problem.

2. Why does the scaler still drip when it stops working?

There may be sundries in the solenoid valve, clean the solenoid valve or replace it.
Notice: Pay attention to develop good habits of use at ordinary times. After using the dental scaler for a period of time, you should pay attention to controlling the dryness of the host, especially the accumulated water in the handpiece and handpiece tube. It is not only beneficial to the hygiene and health of patients, but also beneficial to prolong the service life of the scaler.

3. What are the methods to keep the dryness of the main unit and the handpiece?

a. Blow dry with a 3-way syringe. (simple and easy)
b. Remove the water inlet pipe at the back of the scaler, connect the air pipe (the air pressure should not exceed the air pressure used by high-speed mobile phones), adjust the water volume to the maximum, step on the pedal, and the accumulated water can be dried within 1 minute. (relatively complex, but works better)

4. Why is the vibration of the working tip weakened?

The working tip is not tightened, loose or damaged. It is recommended that the doctor check the wear of the working tip before use and replace it with a new or intact working tip in time.
Notice: The use of the working tip should be consistent with the selected mode. For example, if G1 is selected on the main unit, but P1 is actually used on the handpiece, it will also cause weak vibration or no vibration.

5. How to deal with the water leakage between the handpiece and the tail plug?

The O-ring is broken, replace the O-ring.

6. What should I do if the handle LED light is off?

The LED light is broken, or the light switch is not turned on.
It is rare for the LED light to be broken. Generally, the switch is not turned on. The light switch on the back of our dental scaler is a three-open type, the left side is always on, the right side is on with the foot switch, and the middle is off. It will be easy to be confused in the three conversions and the cooperation with the foot switch during operation.

7. How to solve the problem that the working tip does not vibrate and no water comes out after power on?

The power plug is in poor contact, the foot switch is in poor contact, the water supply mode is improperly selected or the water supply volume is too small.

Abnormal shutdown may also cause no vibration and no water. Generally, disconnect the power and restart it. During use, it should be noted that the displayed frequency is between 29 and 31. It is normal. If it exceeds this range, it may need to be restarted scaler.

8. After the power is turned on, the working tip vibrates, but no water mist is formed. How to deal with it?

There are impurities in the solenoid valve, the waterway is blocked or the water volume is too large. You can try to clean or replace the solenoid valve.

9. The working tip does not vibrate after power on, but there is water vapor coming out. How to deal with it?

The handpiece is faulty, or the foot pedal is faulty.
Try to replace the handpiece, or remove the handpiece and install it again, it may be caused by poor contact between the handpiece and the handpiece interface. The foot switch should be stepped on in place, and the sole of the foot should contact and act on the second half of the foot switch instead of the front half.

10. What should I do if the water output is too small?

The water volume adjustment switch is turned on too small.
After many operations are proficient, the water volume adjustment can be used smoothly. It is also recommended to use pure water for water supply, which can effectively ensure the health and safety of patients, prolong the life of the scaler, and effectively control the water volume.

11. What are the causes of handle heating?

The water volume adjustment knob is turned too small, or the vibration intensity regulator is broken.
Try turning up the water volume adjustment knob, or replace the vibration intensity adjuster.

12. How to sterilize the scaler?

Just pull out the handpiece and sterilize the handpiece at high temperature. The integrated handpiece can not be sterilized, and it is recommended to use a disposable protective sleeves for the handpiece.

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