How to Oil the Contra-angle Handpiece?

March 13, 2023
How to Oil the Contra-angle Handpiece? -
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Avoiding premature handpiece failure with proper care and maintenance is easy. Always clean, lubricate, and sterilize your dental handpiece after every patient visit.

  1. After using the Endo Motor, discharge the contra-angle.
  2. Screw off the clamping ring between Gearbox drives and front end.
  3. Put the oil into Gearbox drives.
  4. Pull out the drive shaft.
  5. Put the oil into front end.
  6. Insert the drive shaft into front end.
  7. Replace the gearbox.
  8. Screw up the clamping ring.
Step by Step Dental Handpiece Maintenance Guide Video

    An automatic handpiece maintenance machine can be a great addition to your practice, helping to simplify your handpiece maintenance protocol, and may increase the life of your handpieces.

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      Do you sell the oil that is used for the automatic handpiece lubrication system by Azdent?

      frank a bosco

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