Q&A of Dental Implant Products

March 21, 2023
Q&A of Dental Implant Products - azdentall.com
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1. How long is the warranty period for Dental Surgical Implant Motor?

We support 3 months for Contra Angle Handpiece, 2 years for Main Unit, and 1 year for other accessories.

2. When pressing the pedal, the torque on the screen drops to 0, is this normal?

Yes, the data displayed after stepping on is the resistance of the contra angle handpiece.

3. Do you sell the Contra Angle Handpiece in this Implant Motor separately?

Yes, you can buy the contra angle handpiece separately via search sku 1105902701 in our website.

4. Can the Implant Motor be used with 1:1 straight handpiece?

Yes, just adjust the implant motor to 1:1 mode.

5. Do you have operation videos for your Implant Motor?

Yes, please check this video:

The Operation Video for our Dental Implant Motor Color Touch Screen With 20:1 LED Contra Angle

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