Advantages and maintenance rules of Dental Scaler

April 05, 2022
Advantages and maintenance rules of Dental Scaler
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The Dental Scaler machine is a mechanical vibration through ultrasonic waves to remove the teeth attached to the teeth. Compared with the handling of the tutor. It has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity.

1. Structural features: Sprinkle ultrasonic hunger is a foreign product, and some are equipped with a comprehensive treatment machine, which is more convenient. The tidarator head end is fixed by the screws of the head with, the working head has a sickle, the shape, and spoon, and the silver is required to be replaced. There is inner sprayed and outer spray.

2. Dental Scaler Working principle: More than 20,000 Hz, the vibration frequency is called ultrasonic waves, which generates ultrasonic energy and outputs to the transducer through the generator, and then converts ultrasonic frequency energy to ultrasonic vibration (ie, convert power to mechanical energy). When the frequency of the ultrasonic current is tuned to the natural resonant frequency of the transducer, the vibration amplitude of the transducer reaches the maximum. At this time, the working head fastened to the transducer is strongly vibrated. When the working head is gently touched to the dental stones. It quickly broke down from the tooth surface.

3, the use and reservation of the Dental Scaler:

(1) Insert the plug of the working head attachment into the respective jack before use. Then start the power switch. Stepping on the footswitch, adjust the power conditioner, enabling the ultrasonic generator to match the transducer in the optimal state. The sprinkler should also adjust the water.

(2) The working head should be lighter in the operation, and the output power can be reduced when the patient has a painful sense.

(3) To interrupt pedicing switch. When the tower is used for a long time, it can be reused after the sandstone or file can be reused.

(4) After the machine is used, the various adjustment butts and switches should be returned to stop. The Jurei on the work head should be infinitely disinfected with formalin or anti-corrosion. To prevent high temperatures, avoid hit.

Dental Scaler machine maintenance rules

(1) When Jure-ruled, the output power intensity should not exceed half of its maximum power. If you need to increase your power, you should subtimate operational time, so as to avoid the working tip and transducer overload.

(2) Do not operate without spraying in the transducer (except for special non-spray transducers). Otherwise, it is easy to damage the teeth, damage the working knife and the transducer.

(3) Take the number of interpolation of the transducer cable to avoid wear the micro seal. Cause the interface to leak.

(4) The continuous working time of the machine should not be too long, so as not to malfunction the machine overheat.

(5) The water is not overwater in the pressurized kettle. And the number of pressures cannot exceed 50 times, so as not to exceed the pressure. After the work is over every day, you should undeve it. Reduce the pressure in the pot.

(6) When the machine is not used, the power switch should be placed in a closed state. The transducer is placed on a fixed shelf to avoid falling or encounter. Various cables should also be properly placed to avoid hook damage to the machine or disconnect the cable.

(7) If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be 18 times every 1-2 in February.


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