What Is Root Canal Treatment?

March 27, 2022
What Is Root Canal Treatment?
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Root canal therapy is a treatment process for teeth, pulp, and root apex. It removes the necrotic material in the root canal, conducts proper disinfection, and fills the root canal to remove the adverse stimulation from necrotic material to periapical tissue, a treatment method to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or to promote the healing of periapical lesions.


What does root canal therapy do?


First of all, root canal treatment can relieve the patient's pain and prevent the spread of infection.


Second, keep the teeth as much as possible to avoid extraction and maintain the integrity of the natural tooth arrangement.


Finally, it can eliminate the infection of the lesions and restore the health of the affected teeth.


When is root canal treatment necessary?


1. Pulpitis

Pulpitis is inflammation of the nerve of the tooth. The vast majority of pulpitis cannot be eliminated by itself. If the treatment is not timely, it will further lead to other more serious consequences such as apical periodontitis, and even eventually lead to tooth extraction.


Therefore, once suffering from pulpitis, it is necessary to perform a thorough root canal treatment, remove the infected pulp, and then seal the root canal with artificial materials to prevent re-infection, so as to relieve the pain and save the tooth.


2. Periapical periodontitis

The vast majority of apical periodontitis develops from pulpitis. When pulpitis is not treated in time, it will develop to the root of the tooth, causing inflammation of the tissue around the root. This is apical periodontitis.


Suffering from apical periodontitis, the teeth will have occlusal pain, sometimes severe and sometimes relatively mild. When the inflammation is acute, it will cause a certain degree of loosening of the teeth, and sometimes the gums will swell or discharge pus. Only timely and thorough root canal treatment can eliminate the inflammation and save the tooth.


3. Repair needs

Although some teeth have no inflammation, their position is not correct, or their size is deformed. In some restoration designs, root canal treatment is required for them, and then crowns are made to achieve cosmetic results.


4. Trauma

Sometimes the tooth is accidentally damaged and the tooth is broken, but the condition of the root is still good. In this case, the root canal treatment method can be used to save the root and then repair it.


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