Dental Molar Band—Orthodontic Materials

April 10, 2022
Dental Molar Band—Orthodontic Materials
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Orthodontic molar band refers to the metal ring that sticks to the molar. The dental molar band is an orthodontic material that will be used in the process of orthodontic treatment. There are two main types.


Dental molar band

The dental molar band is a single metal ring without any attached metal objects. The dentist can choose a suitable buccal tube according to the patient's teeth, and weld it on the light ring for use.


Features of dental molar band:

1. The dental molar band is made of seamless steel, and the material has good flexibility.

2. The highly smooth surface treatment process reduces the stimulation of the dental molar band to the soft tissue in the oral cavity.

3. The shape of the product conforms to the shape of the teeth, which is more convenient for doctors to operate in clinical practice.

4. Permanent coding mark and constant circumference size, even if the dental molar band needs to be changed during the correction, it is convenient and quick.


Dental molar band with buccal tube

A round, flat or square thin tube is welded on the side of the molar band, and the dental arch wire can pass through it, and it also plays the role of holding the arch wire, so that the force is transmitted to the molars and the movement of the molars is controlled. The orthodontic force is transmitted by welding the buccal tube on the dental molar band, and the orthodontic buccal tube is equivalent to the dental brackets bonded to the anterior teeth. The dental buccal tube has various shapes, and the shapes of the buccal tube used for the upper and lower jaws are different, but there is generally a small retractor used for pulling the teeth.


Features of dental molar band with buccal tube:

1. It is with permanent laser marking.

2. The thin wall of the molar bands reduces the gap between the teeth.

3. Appropriate height reduces gingival-maxillary occlusal insufficiency and occlusal interference.

4. The shape of the molar bands conforms to the physiological shape of the tooth.


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