What Does A Dental Light Curing Machine Do?

June 26, 2022
What Does A Dental Light Curing Machine Do?
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The dental curing light is an oral device for repairing teeth. It uses the principle of light curing to rapidly polymerize and solidify the dental repair resin material under the action of light waves in a specific wavelength range, and emit a strong blue light to fill the tooth cavity or bond the bracket. 


After years of development, the light curing machines currently in clinical use mainly include halogen lamps, LED lamps, plasma arc lamps, sub-laser lamps and so on.


Light curing accessories include light guide rod, bleaching fiber, battery and goggles.


The light guide rod is made of glass fiber, mainly composed of glass rod (diameter 8mm) and metal head. The light guide rods of various brands and manufacturers can be sold separately, but not all of them are compatible with each other. It mainly depends on the thread and size of the light guide rod interface.


Resin is the main material used by light curing machines to cure.


The light curing resin is composed of a resin monomer and oligomer, and contains active functional groups, which can initiate a polymerization reaction by a light initiator under ultraviolet light irradiation to form an insoluble coating film. It has the characteristics of fast curing, good chemical solvent resistance, high hardness, good flexibility and wear resistance.


The light-curing composite resin is a commonly used filling and repair material in stomatology. Because of its beautiful color and certain compressive strength, it plays an important role in clinical applications and is used for various defects and cavities of anterior teeth. The repair is satisfactory.


Composition: Based on acrylic resin, glass, quartz and other particles are added for strengthening.


Features: Beautiful, close to the natural color of the teeth, suitable for repairing the front teeth.


Disadvantages: slightly weaker than amalgam.


Application: Repair tooth decay to restore the appearance of teeth, such as improving the shape, size and color of teeth.


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