What Are The Accessories Of The Dental Chair?

July 03, 2022
What Are The Accessories Of The Dental Chair?
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The dental chair is indispensable equipment for our oral treatment. But we also use a lot of accessories in the treatment.


Dental surgical lamp


Application: Provide lighting for dental surgery and diagnosis.



According to the bulb, it is divided into: LED dental light (with four, six, eight lights, etc.), halogen dental light (only one bulb).


According to the characteristics of use, it is divided into: induction type, switch type.


Dental LCD holder

The dental LCD holder is mainly a plastic bracket used for the connection between the oral camera or the monitor and the column of the dental chair, and its maximum bearing capacity is 50kg.


Dental tray

Type one: AZDENT dental chair tray, square, environmental protection PP material.


Type two: AZDENT dental chair tray, oval, ABS material.


Dental three way syringe

The dental three way syringe is connected to the turbine and can also be connected to the dental chair, mainly for cleaning.


How to operate

The dental three way syringe can adjust the water, gas and water mist and their amount respectively according to the different ports. The upper left side of the dental three way syringe is the water volume control button, and the right side is the gas volume control button.


(1) Press the air volume switch on the right side of the upper part of the dental three way syringe to control the air outlet.


(2) Press the water volume switch on the left side of the upper part of the dental three way syringe to control the water output.


(3) Press the left and right buttons of the dental three way syringe at the same time, and control the water and air switches at the same time to generate water mist, and the ratio of water and air volume to generate water mist is 8:2.


Disposable spray nozzles tips

It can completely replace the stainless steel nozzle for removing dirt and residues between teeth, which is convenient, safe and hygienic. There is a groove about 1cm at the head to prevent the user from sliding the inner and outer tubes during use.


It is currently the top-level disposable consumable for dentistry, preventing cross-infection; independent water and air channels to ensure dry air; the nozzle can be rotated at will, which is convenient to use.


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