Installation And Maintenance Of Dental Chair Unit

October 09, 2021
Installation And Maintenance Of Dental Chair Unit
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1. Turn on the power, raise the dental chair, open the front cover and bottom cover, and unscrew the fixing screws.

2. Move it to the consulting room (note: sometimes the side box needs to be removed).

3. Install the doctor's chair.

4. Remove the protective film of the dental chair, and hang the three way syringe, the instrument tray and the dental handpiece tube.

5. Install the column and lamp arm.

6. Install the dental surgical lamp and connect the power cord.

7. Install the cuspidor, and connect the drainage and the inlet water electromagnetic valve.

8. Install the assistant rod (limit screw is twisted from bottom to top), and install the saliva ejector with high and low suction and three way syringe.

9. Install backrest and seat cushion.

10. Install the adaptor of air and water inlet. 

11. Connect water pipe, drain pipe, power line and negative voltage line.

12. Debug the function (including control panel, foot pedal, saliva ejector with high and low suction, etc.)

13. Put back the front cover and bottom cover.




1. Do after each use:

  • Rinse the cuspidor with clean water.

  • Rinse the dirt in the pipeline of saliva ejector with high and low suction with hydrogen peroxide (or neutral disinfectant) water.

  • Reposition the dental chair in time.

  • Check if multiple racks of operating units are misplaced.

2. Do it once a week:

  • Remove the suction cup and rinse it.

  • Drain and clean the filter cup under the operating panel.

  • The filter cup of main air inlet filter in the cabinet is drained.

3. Monthly requirements:

  • Clean the filter net inside water filter pressure reduction valve to ensure water unobstructed.

  • Grease the joints of the dental chair.

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