How Should Dental Chair Disinfection Be Carried Out?

January 15, 2023
How Should Dental Chair Disinfection Be Carried Out?
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In order to ensure the customer experience of dentistry and the safety of dental customers, dentistry needs to properly disinfect the suction pipes of dental chairs and suction pipes, which is also a protection for the health of dental staff. The dental chair suction pipe should be disinfected both at the time of treatment and after treatment.

The dental comprehensive treatment chair is a common equipment in dental diagnosis and treatment operations. The waterway pollution of the dental comprehensive treatment table is considered to be one of the important ways to cause dental cross infection. The use of chemical disinfectants, bactericides or detergents to disinfect the waterway intermittently, regularly or continuously can control the biofilm to a certain extent and improve the water quality. In 2004, the European, British, German, American and other medical equipment associations (AAMI) recognized that active oxygen is the most effective bactericidal substance, which can reduce and eliminate the production of biofilm, thus strengthening the protection of patients.

Cleaning, disinfection and maintenance system of water supply pipeline for dental chair:

The dental chair water supply system includes the water supply bottle on the dental comprehensive treatment table and the connecting water pipe with the three way syringe, high and low speed dental handpiece and ultrasonic dental cleaner.

1. Before daily shift, step on the foot brake to wash each connecting water pipe (high and low speed dental handpiece, three way syringe, ultrasonic dental cleaner) for at least 2 minutes

2. Before each treatment, after installing the dental handpiece, three way syringe working tip or ultrasonic tooth cleaning handle, step on the foot brake to flush each connecting pipe 30

3. After each treatment, put the working end of the dental handpiece or the ultrasonic tooth cleaning handle or the working tip of the three way syringe into the mouthwash cup, protect it, and step on the foot brake to rinse for 30 seconds

4. After daily shift, wash each connecting pipe for 2 min, pour out the residual water from the bottle, and continue to step on the foot brake to discharge water until the air is discharged from each connecting pipe.

5. Weekly disinfection of waterways

(1) Before disinfection, remove all dental handpieces, including the optical fiber part of the high-speed dental handpiece and the motor part of the low-speed dental handpiece, and the three way syringe head. If the working head cannot be removed, remove the working tip and ultrasonic tooth cleaning handle.

(2) After the above "4. After daily shift" operation is completed, remove the water bottle, inject at least 500 mL of chlorine containing disinfectant solution containing 500 mg/L, shake the water bottle repeatedly for at least 10 seconds (disinfection water bottle), install the water bottle on the dental chair, step on the foot brake to wash each connecting water pipe for at least 30 seconds, turn off the power, and wait for 10~30 minutes.

(3) After 10-30 min, turn on the power, discard the remaining disinfectant, step on the foot brake to drain the water, until the air is discharged from each connecting pipe

(4) Turn off the power supply, remove the water bottle, repeatedly clean the water bottle with distilled water for more than 3 times, inject distilled water to install the tooth return chair system, turn on the power supply, and step on the foot brake to wash each connecting water pipe separately until the pipe is drained of water and air.

(5) Waterway disinfection procedure is completed. Reset the dental chair and turn off the power.

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