What Is Dental Arch Wire Used For? (1)

April 24, 2022
What Is Dental Arch Wire Used For? (1)
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In the process of the orthodontic treatment, many orthodontic materials are needed, including dental arch wire. So, how much do you know about dental arch wire?


First of all, what is a dental arch wire? Stuck in the groove of the dental bracket or passed through a thin tube of dental molar band called dental arch wire. It is the main forcing device.


Depending on the material, thickness, and shape, there are many types of dental arch wires. Each patient needs several to a dozen sets of orthodontic arch wires from the beginning to the completion of correction. The doctor uses the elasticity of the dental arch wire itself or bends the dental arch wire to a certain degree, and then fixes the dental arch wire on the dental bracket through a dental ligature tie or a thin wire, and transmits the force through the orthodontic bracket and the dental molar band onto the tooth, and the tooth moves slowly along the track made by the dental arch wire. During the correction process, the dental arch wires are gradually replaced from thin to thick, from soft to hard, and from round to square.


Classification of dental arch wire

There are 4 types of dental arch wires according to different materials:

NiTi dental arch wire, stainless steel dental arch wire, TMA dental arch wire and Cu-Niti dental arch wire


According to the different processing technology, it is divided into 3 types:

Dental super elastic arch wire, dental thermal activated arch wire and dental reverse curve arch wire


According to different shapes are divided into:

Dental round arch wire and dental rectangular arch wire 


According to different functions, it is divided into:

Dental lingual arch wire and dental nitinol coated arch wire


According to the different bows are divided into:

Ovoid, square, natural and tapered


What are the best-selling dental arch wires in our company?


Dental super elastic arch wire

Dental super elastic NiTi arch wire has been successfully applied in the field of orthodontics. Taking full advantage of the superelasticity of the NITI shape memory alloy, the material will not produce plastic deformation even under a 10% strain factor, which also conforms to the use standard of dental arch wires. It improves the comfort of patients during the orthodontic process, and has a significant treatment effect, reduces the impact of uncertainty on the orthodontic effect, and simplifies the doctor's operation process, making the treatment safer.


Features: Excellent resilience performance makes it still provide continuous force even in the case of small deformation, ensuring fast and effective tooth movement.


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