What Dental Carbide Burs Is

February 27, 2022
What Dental Carbide Burs Is
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A dental bur is a consumable tool used by dentists. It is a very small steel needle consisting of a needle head and a needle handle. Dental burs are mainly divided into dental tungsten burs and dental diamond burs.


Dental tungsten bur, also known as dental tungsten carbide bur, consists of a working part and a handle. There are two types of dental tungsten burs, one is integrally formed, and the whole body is made of tungsten steel; the other is adhesive type, that is, the working part is made of tungsten steel, and the handle is made of stainless steel, and the two parts are bonded.


In fact, the earliest dental preparation burs are dental tungsten burs, because the cutting surface of dental tungsten burs is much smoother than that of dental diamond burs. But why, until now, our main dental burs for tooth preparation have become dental diamond surgical burs?


Because although dental carbide bur has high cutting efficiency and smooth cutting surface, but because of its high efficiency and fast speed, it is difficult to control the speed, which is easy to cause loss of control or excessive tooth grinding.


Therefore, the use of dental tungsten burs is also somewhat skillful.

Use a light touch and be sure to strictly adhere to the rotational speed. Exceeding the specified number of rotations may break and put the patient and physician at risk of injury.


Before use, perform a rotation test outside the mouth to confirm that there is no looseness.


Confirm whether there is deformation, scars, cracks, etc. before using the dental carbide bur for patients. Once found, it should be replaced immediately.


For models with thin, long, and large heads, avoid excessive force, which may break or bend.


What are the main uses of dental tungsten burs?

The dental carbide bur is made by high temperature vacuum sintering or tungsten steel tungsten carbide that high pressure molding welded on the steel rod, which is processed and trimmed by a large diamond grinding wheel. Therefore, dental tungsten burs meet the requirements for minimally invasive preparation of teeth.


Dental tungsten burs have good leveling performance and are very suitable for fine preparation of teeth.


At the same time, dental tungsten burs are also widely used in the preparation of dental clinical teeth and the removal of metal crowns.


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