What Are The Orthodontic Accessories?

May 22, 2022
What Are The Orthodontic Accessories?
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In the process of orthodontic treatment, in addition to the common orthodontic materials such as dental brackets, dental buccal tubes and dental arch wires, some orthodontic accessories are also used, such as dental lingual buttons, dental crimpable hooks, dental lingual retainers, dental arch former, orthodontic ligation gun, orthodontic elastics, etc. Today, I will briefly explain these orthodontic accessories for you.


Dental lingual buttons

The dental lingual button is mainly used to correct the torsion, inclination, etc. of the teeth, and the correction effect can be achieved by applying traction force. 


Dental crimpable hooks

The dental crimpable hook is a traction element added to the dental arch wire for the convenience of orthodontists during clinical operations without removing the arch wire and prefabricating the traction hook before installation.


Dental lingual retainer

The dental lingual retainer is an auxiliary device used clinically after the correction is completed. Its function is to maintain a stable orthodontic effect after the orthodontic treatment is completed and the orthodontic target of the ideal dental arch stage is achieved.


Dental arch former

The dental arch former is suitable for the bending of orthodontic arch wires. It can used to bend 0° torque degrees, 0.016", 0.017", 0.018", 0.019" and 0.022" wide orthodontic arch wires.



1) According to the width of the dental arch wire to be bent, select the groove the size is corresponding to it for bending.

2) Pull open the handle of the dental arch former, lightly press the orthodontic arch wire into the slot and fix one end of the orthodontic arch wire by hand.

3) Close the handle so that the pressing rod presses the dental arch wire, and turn the handle with the pressing rod end to bend.

4) The shape of the orthodontic arch wire should be flexibly mastered according to the needs of clinical orthodontists.

5) The dental arch former is a non-sterile instrument, and the dental arch wire bent by this product should be sterilized before clinical use.

6) The size of the groove of the working part of the dental arch former is very accurate. Avoid scratching with sharp tools during use; otherwise it will not work properly.


Orthodontic ligation gun

Orthodontic ligation gun is also called gun ligature ties placement device.


Put the dental ligature ties on the head of the ligation gun, squeeze the gun barrel to spread the ligature tie and put it on the dental bracket, so that the dental arch wire on the orthodontic bracket will not fall off.


Orthodontic elastics

The dental rubber band is used to adjust the bite, that is, to move the lower teeth forward and the upper teeth backward. This occlusion is more stable and less likely to recur after correction. It is the minor adjustments that belong to the final stage.


These are not all orthodontic accessories, if you have any questions or want to know about other products, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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