What Are The Functions Of Rubber Bands in Orthodontics?

February 20, 2022
What Are The Functions Of Rubber Bands in Orthodontics?
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In the process of orthodontics, patients are sometimes required to wear dental rubber bands to assist teeth movement. So, what are the functions of orthodontic rubber bands?


1. Close the gap: slowly close the gap between the teeth through traction.


2. Adjust the midline: the rubber band can pull the teeth to the expected position to avoid the uneven midline of the teeth and affect the appearance.


3. Adjust the occlusion: The rubber band can adjust the occlusal relationship of the teeth to a more ideal state, just like a gear, the cusps are opposite. A good bite relationship can not only improve our chewing function, but also relieve gastrointestinal pressure.


4. Make the bite tighter: The dental rubber band can make the upper and lower teeth close together, maximize the contact area and maximize the chewing efficiency.


How long the rubber band should be worn?

In order to maintain continuous and stable traction, be sure to wear rubber bands for 24 hours in accordance with the doctor's instructions. It can be temporarily removed when eating or brushing your teeth, and should be put on immediately after brushing your teeth. Change the rubber band every day or every other day before going to bed. If you do not insist on wearing it, the treatment time may be prolonged.


Can multiple rubber bands be worn at the same time?

Under normal circumstances, the doctor will give different tension rubber bands according to the tooth condition, wear one at a time, and replace it once a day. Do not increase the number of rubber bands at will. Tooth movement has an appropriate force value. Too much force will cause tooth damage.


What should I do if I accidentally eat the rubber band?

Orthodontic rubber bands are generally relatively small, and they tend to come off when they are removed and worn, and they may be swallowed. Don't worry at this time. The material of the orthodontic rubber band is of food safety level and will not cause harm to the body. At this time, just replace the rubber band with a new one.


What should I pay attention to during the correction period?

1. Don't eat bones, hard shell foods, and sticky foods.

2. Rinse mouth with mouthwash or water after meal.


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