The Importance Of Orthodontic Retainer

December 12, 2021
The Importance Of Orthodontic Retainer
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After a period of correction, the teeth were finally adjusted to the proper position and the braces were removed. While pay attention, at this time, don't think that the correction is over. The next very important step is to wear the orthodontic retainer.


Let's talk about why the retainer is so important.


Why need wear an orthodontic retainer?

The orthodontic retainer is a device used to maintain the position of the teeth after the orthodontic treatment is completed to consolidate the orthodontic effect.

The reason why the retainer is worn is that after the teeth are aligned, the periodontal reconstruction is not very stable. Without the retainer, it is inevitable that there will be "rebound".

Therefore, you need to use a retainer to hold the teeth that have moved to the new position for a period of time. After the periodontal stabilizes, the correction is truly completed.


What are the types of orthodontic retainers?

There are three kinds of the most commonly used retainers, one is transparent type, one is steel wire type, and there is a retainer that is fixed on the lingual side. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, and doctors will choose different maintenance methods according to the patient's condition.


1. Transparent retainer


1) Transparent, beautiful and comfortable.

2) The teeth can be adjusted by adjusting the retainer.


1) The transparent diaphragm has a thickness on the occlusal surface, so the upper and lower teeth do not bite properly.

2) Not durable and easy to break when used improperly.

3) It needs to be used in conjunction with the removal and wearing every day.


2. Harley retainer


1) The maintenance effect of orthodontics is reliable.

2) It has a slight adjustment effect on the teeth.


1) There is a metal wire on the labial side of the tooth, which is not beautiful enough.

2) Large volume, strong foreign body sensation.

3) It needs to be taken off when eating.

4) It needs to be cleaned every day.


3. Lingual retainer


1) Comfortable and beautiful.

2) It is fixed and does not need to be removed.


1) It is not easy to detect the looseness of the lingual retaining wire, and it is prone to recurrence of individual teeth.

2) Teeth cleaning are troublesome.

3) Be sure to follow up in time after falling off, otherwise there is no way to remedy it.


How long the retainer should be worn?

After finishing the tooth arrangement, it is generally necessary to wear the retainer for another 2 years or even longer. The specific time depends on the condition of each patient's teeth. Therefore, regular follow-up visits are particularly important.

In the first six months after the tooth arrangement is completed, the probability of teeth "rebound" is the highest, so the patient needs to wear it all day (more than 20 hours). After half a year, you need to see your doctor for a follow-up visit to determine the next step of wearing and the time for the next follow-up visit.

Regular follow-up visits are a prerequisite to ensure a good treatment effect. Only at the last moment can you create a beautiful and confident smile.

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