Root Canal Therapy

June 12, 2022
Root Canal Therapy
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Root canal therapy is the most commonly used and effective treatment for endodontic and periapical diseases in the world. The principle is to remove most of the infection in the root canal by mechanical and chemical methods, and to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical lesions that have occurred by filling the root canal and sealing the crown.


Root canal treatment requires multiple steps and multiple X-rays to complete the process.

1. The first step is to perform a pulp vitality test.


2. The crown is then enlarged using a high speed handpiece.


3. Clean the blood, nerves and capillaries inside the root canal to prepare a clean root canal.


4. Use the dental endo motor to enlarge the root canal.


5. Sterilize the clean root canal.


6. Measure the root canal with dental apex locator.


7. Fill the root canal with dental gutta percha points.


8. Seal the crown with the resin.


9. Prepare the abutment and wear the temporary crown.


10. Prepare the dentures.


What kind of dental equipment do you need in this process?


Dental pulp tester

The dental pulp tester is an instrument that uses the machine to generate pulse current, conduct electrical stimulation to the dental nerve, and record the response value of the dental nerve to the electrical stimulation, thereby judging the vitality of the dental nerve. It ensures the accuracy of the doctor's judgment on the vitality of the patient's pulp to the greatest extent.


Dental apex locator

Root canal length measurement is a precision electronic instrument used to measure the working length of the root canal. Through the guidance of the dental apex locator, the doctor can accurately grasp the length of the root canal to achieve perfect filling.


Dental endo motor

Root canal therapy instrument, also known as dental endo motor, is a precision electronic instrument used to replace manual expansion of the root canal and prepare a more standard root canal.


In addition to the products introduced, other products used in root canal treatment such as dental X-ray machine, dental gutta percha obturation system, fiber posts, etc., can also be provided by our company.


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