Introduction Of Dental Endo Files

December 26, 2021
Introduction Of Dental Endo Files
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Dental Root canal files are divided into hand use dental files and engine use dental files. The hand use file can be used to work by holding it by hand. The engine use file needs to be installed on the contra angle to work, and is mainly used for root canal treatment. The material of the dental files is nickel-titanium and stainless steel. There are mainly three types: K file, H file and R file.


The difference between K file, H file and R file

K file: the cross section of the dental file is square up to 40#, and the triangle is above 45#, used for dentin removal, smooth root canal wall during operation.

H file: the cross section is round, with barbs. It should be returned when touch the bottom of the root canal at using. The thread depth increases with the taper, making the cutting force stronger. (Cannot be rotated)

R file: The cross section of the dental file is square up to 40#, and the section is triangle above 45#. It is used to rotate and cut dentin in the root canal.


Large taper dental file is an indispensable tool for root canal treatment. What models does it have?

SX: Used to remove debris from the root canal to form a straight channel.

S1: Assist in opening the mouth of root canal, cleaning and preparing the crown of the root canal.

S2: Clean and prepare the middle of the root canal.

F1/F2/F3: Clean and shape the of the root canal tip. When the file tip is 3mm the taper of the dental files F1/F2/F3 are 7%, 8% and 9% respectively, and the root tip diameter after preparation is the same as the file tip diameter of stainless steel files 20#, 25# and 30# respectively.

The mixed package SX is 19mm, and S1, S2, F1, F2, and F3 are all 21mm or 25mm.


Natural color big taper dental file

The blue heat activated large taper file is softer, more flexible, can be pre-bent at 90 degrees, and is durable.

The golden big taper file is characterized by sharpness.

We suggest that a dental root canal file should be replaced in time after 4-5 root canal treatments, so as not to affect the follow-up treatment effect.


Root canal retreatment file

The significance of root canal retreatment is to remove uncontrolled infections, which is a classic way to preserve the affected teeth.

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