Introduction Of Dental Diamond Bur

February 06, 2022
Introduction Of Dental Diamond Bur
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Dental diamond burs are consumables used by dentists, mainly composed of bur handles and emery. The material of the bur handle is stainless steel, and the emery is embedded on the working head of the bur handle by embedding with sand.


The diamond bur can be inserted into a high-speed handpiece to help dentists open the cavities and repair teeth. If the dental handpiece is compared to a handheld drilling machine, the dental bur is equivalent to the drill on the drilling machine.


There is fine emery particles attached to the periphery of the head of dental diamond bur. These emery particles have been treated with impurity removal, demagnetization, spheronization and purification, and they have excellent sharpness and wear resistance. During the use of the dental diamond bur, the emery will gradually fall off. Usually when the emery falls halfway, the service life of the dental bur will come to an end.


The color circle on the handle of the dental diamond bur indicates the thickness of the grain. The blue color ring indicates the standard thickness, and the bur is mostly used for conventional tooth preparation; the green color ring indicates the coarser grain size, and the bur is often used for a large number of cutting; the red color ring indicates the finer particle size; the yellow color ring has a thinner particle size than the red one. The coarse-grained bur has strong cutting power, but the cutting surface is rough and the texture is obvious. The tightness of the crown and the tissue surface of the prepared body are poor, and fine-grained burs can be used to refine it.


Points to note when using dental diamond burs

1. Appropriate force (30~60g) should be applied during cutting, to cut the tooth tissue in an orderly and effective manner.

2. Pay attention to the speed of the dental bur, especially when operating large-diameter burs and coarse-grain burs. Too high a bur speed will generate excessive heat and cause damage to the dental pulp and dental tissue.

3. Do not forcibly insert the bur into the dental handpiece. In case of difficulty in installation, check the dental handpiece and the bur carefully.

4. Please pay attention to the FG logo on the package, which is the dental bur used on high-speed handpiece.

5. Sterilize the bur before each use. 

6. After disinfection or cleaning, dry the bur and store it in a clean, moisture-free environment.

7. The tip of the common dental diamond bur wears faster than the tail end in clinical practice. At this time, pay attention to timely replacement of the bur to avoid low cutting efficiency.

8. When using turbine cooling water, it should reach 50ml per minute.


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