Common Misunderstandings About Dental Handpiece Cleaning And Sterilization

January 03, 2022
Common Misunderstandings About Dental Handpiece Cleaning And Sterilization
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Dental handpiece is the most common tool in the process of oral diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, the internal structure of the dental handpiece is sophisticated, so the sterilization of the dental handpiece is an important part in the dental clinic. While, the wrong way of cleaning and disinfecting will not cleaning the bacteria inside the handpiece, and may cause the damage to the internal structure of the dental handpiece.


What are the common misunderstandings in cleaning and sterilization of dental handpiece?


Can dental handpiece be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner?

Dental handpiece cannot be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner. The bearing of dental handpiece will be dynamically balanced when leaving the factory. High-frequency ultrasonic cleaner will destroy the bearing balance and then damage the dental handpiece.


After the dental handpiece is used, can the sterilization operation be performed by wiping the surface clean and direct filling it with oil?

The answer is no. Dental handpiece is cavity-containing device and there will be back suction in use. Thus, it is necessary to use a fully automatic thermal cleaning disinfectant to clean and disinfect the internal and external cavities of the dental handpiece.


Is the dental handpiece oiling mainly to protect the internal cavity of the dental handpiece?

The main function of dental handpiece oiling is to maintain the bearings of the front part of the dental handpiece. The dental handpiece must be dried before oiling, and oil cannot be filled when there is water inside.


Does the dental handpiece still need to be dried after cleaned by the automatic washing machine?

At present, there are already a few manufacturers of dental handpiece washing machines with drying function; you need to read the manual of the washing machine carefully. After washing, you need to use a high-pressure air gun for drying, otherwise the oil injection operation cannot be performed and the sterilization effect cannot be guaranteed.


What is the difference between the cleaning methods of dental implant handpieces and ordinary dental handpieces?

Dental implant handpieces need to be changed during use. There are two bearings inside the handpiece, which makes cleaning more difficult than ordinary handpieces. The most ideal cleaning is to use a fully automatic cleaning machine after manual cleaning.


Can all small pressure steam sterilizers sterilize dental handpieces?

Steam sterilization is preferred for dental handpiece sterilization, but because there is a cavity inside the dental handpiece, only the B-type sterilizer can sterilize the dental handpiece.


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