Classification Of Dental Instruments

July 17, 2022
Classification Of Dental Instruments
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Dental equipment, also known as oral or dental instruments. It belongs to the category of dental tools. Its general structure is not complex, nor does it need electricity. It can be reused many times. Together with dental consumables and large dental equipment, it forms the pillar of the dental industry.


Dental instruments can be classified into:

(1) Intraoral instruments

Commonly used dental examination instruments: light curing equipment; ultrasonic root canal therapy equipment; pulp vitality measuring instrument; root canal length measuring instrument; root canal therapy deceleration motor; ultrasonic/sandblasting dental cleaner; whitening instrument; amalgam blending mixer; amalgam filling device; amalgam conveyor; resin filling device; bonding/acid etching system; polishing device; rubber barrier device; hand cleaning device; curettage device Instruments; periodontal surgical instruments; high frequency electrotome; others.


(2) Oral surgery and implant instruments

Dental implant machine; implant common instruments; extraction instruments; electric surgical equipment; surgical instruments; ultrasound scalpel; saliva measurement equipment; arthropathy diagnosis and treatment equipment; first aid drugs and equipment; negative pressure suction device; monitor; tractor; other.


(3) Dental prosthodontics/technicians

Repair/Technician Commonly Used Instruments: Technician Clamps; Impression Material Mixer; Denture Frame; Model/Wax Mold Equipment; Closure Plane Positioning Equipment; cad/cam System; Technician Workbench; Technician Electric Drill; Foundry Machine and Accessories; Porcelain Furnace; Sandblasting Machine; Wax Removal Oven; Welding Equipment; Mixing/Oscillator; Invisible Denture Equipment; Cooking/Denture Molding Box; Polishing/Grinding; Colorimetric Plate; Seed Nailing Machine Tongue trimming machine; gypsum trimming machine; cleaning machine; inverted concave observer; spray gun/spray lamp; compound mould box; base of table mould; nail of table mould; casting ring; model making related equipment; wax mould and dewaxing device; casting metal recycling and reuse equipment; abrasives and related tools; vacuum forming machine; commonly used tools for technicians; wax melter; wax oven; preheating furnace; hanging mill; gold plating machine; gold plating machine Depositor; Car Porcelain Machine; Agar Stirring Melting Machine; Technician Vacuum Cleaner; Wax Line Presser; Quality Guarantee Card Printer; Press Polymerization Machine; Foot Switch; Others.


(4) Orthodontic equipment and instruments

Orthodontic forceps; Needle holder/golden crown shear; Spot welding machine; Square wire shaper; Bracket locator; Reflector plate; Others.

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