Q&A of Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor

March 05, 2023
Q&A of Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor - azdentall.com
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1. Which Software can be compatible with X Ray Sensors XVS2530 and XVS2121?

This Sensor does come with its own imaging program in U disk, and can support most customer management systems.

The 14 software in this table are all compatible, but the degree of compatibility is different.
4-star compatibility is smoother (compatible with templates in customer software, such as full-mouth templates).
1-star has a single function, and only one picture is uploaded each time.
This is determined by the client software. For example, some software is not very open, which prevents twain from being compatible.

2. Which Software can be compatible with X Ray Sensors R1 and R2?

This Sensor does come with its own imaging program  in U disk, it can be also compatible with DEXIS.

3. Does the sensors have a warranty and how long is the warranty period?

Yes, our X-Ray Sensors have one year warranty, If more than 1 year, pls contact us, we will help you to process with your any problem.

4.Do you have a manual or video to help to install the Software on my computer?

Yes, a manual will be provided for step-by-step instructions on how to install it. Kindly check the video of Software Installation on YouTube:

The Operation Video for Dental X-Ray Digital RVG Sensor XVS2530

The Installation Instruction for X-Ray Sensor R1 and R2

5.Which computer systems can the sensor be adapted to?

This software is compatible with only Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, or Windows 10 with 32/64bit.

6. I can't modify the language when i install the software, what should i do?

Please contact us, we will provide your another version of software without dongle.

7. If the software is already installed on one computer, can it be installed on another computer again?

Yes. You can install on as many computers as you want, just reactivate the software to use it.

8. Can one computer use two sensors at the same time?

No, it can not be used two sensors at one computer.

9. The resolution of the image captured by the sensor is not clear, and there are dark spots on the four edges of the image. How can I solve this situation?

It is recommended that the customer do a manual calibration with the sensor, match it and try again.

10. Unable to activate? Can't receive the verification code?

a. Check whether the product SN code is filled in correctly

b. If you confirm that the filling is correct, please send us the file generated by the information and the code on the product packaging, and we will contact the manufacturer for the verification code to complete the activation.

11. The software can be activated but cannot log in, can you tell me the correct password?

Both of the account and password are all "admin", you can have a try.

12. The sensor suddenly does not work after using it for a period of time. I have tried restarting the system and reinstalling it, but it still does not work. How can I solve this situation?

You need to cooperate to install a remote assistance software called teamviewer. Please provide us with your teamviewer information, our manufacturer will contact you directly to help you deal with it.

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